Dr. Phil Harmonic


Dr. Phil Harmonic


Medicinal Rock

Friendship. Joy. Dance. Healing. Freedom. These are the values we stand for, and which we happily transmute into our music. Wether it makes you laugh, dance, jump, our groove is there, spontaneous, random, crazy, and (surprisingly) on point!

Unrestricted Musical Freedom

Three friends. Three veteran buskers. Three seasoned musicians. What we do is integrate musical creativity with good energies, to produce joy and an insatiable desire to dance, to jump, to take part on the show – to be one with us, and let the music flow through and heal our spirits!

Mainly a family

Being all very versatile musicians, it wasn’t a surprise the kind of connection that quickly formed between the doctors. True friendship meets musical compability. Technique meets spontaneity. Musicality meets crazy. Destiny creates family.

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